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Annual Design Award 2015


The Annual Design Award 2015 is a national competition for design professionals organised by the Latvian Designers’ Association. This is already the seven year the award has been given and, as always, its main goal is to encourage the development of design and promote an understanding of design in culture, the economy, environmental quality and the improvement of well-being.

Through this competition we try to foster an understanding about design as an instrument that, existing as it does in cultural and economic processes, creates national identity and historical continuity by upholding the link between economic activity and the cultural sphere.

The best works in the competition show the invaluable role design plays in successful entrepreneurship in all of the traditional industries, because in today’s highly competitive market design is one of the essential aspects of the creation of competitive and innovative products and services with high added value.

The Annual Design Award 2015 determines the best achievements by Latvia’s designers over the period of the past two years with the goal of recognising and bringing attention to the best design projects and their creators. We invite all designers, architects and design students in Latvia to submit their work to the competition. For the competition, the Latvian Designers’ Association accepts submissions in seven categories of design: industrial design, interior design, environmental design, fashion/textile design, graphic design, photo design and an thematic competition, in which the greater public is involved by giving anyone a chance to participate in the competition and submit a piece of work.

The Annual Design Award is an excellent opportunity for designers and their work to gain exposure as well as be evaluated by an esteemed international jury and receive a national award.
Contestants will be displayed at the Riga International Design Exhibition “Design Isle“.

Dizaina sala 250x200 Dpi lauk

For more information visit the website of the Latvian Designers’ Association at

Andrejs Broks.
Chairman of the board of the Latvian Designers’ Association.