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ID 342 Katrīna Stirna un Santa Meikulāne

Gastronome restaurant un sea-food bar

RESTAURANT, SEAFOOD BAR – restaurant and sea food bar that offers premium quality produce, both from local and international producers. Object is located in the active business and shopping district with its display windows facing the main city’s boulevard – Brivibas Street. Complex consists of a restaurant with a Sea Food bar, an extensive kitchen and technical facilities. While developing the concept, an idea was born – as the main items in this place are delicacies, then the only graphically decorative element can be placed on the floor tiles.


Māris Ločmelis

Author contacts:

Author(s): Katrīna Stirna un Santa Meikulāne
Author's e-mail: santa.meikulane@lolot.lv
Author's company: SIA lolot design sadarbībā ar Katrīna Stirna (REATON)
Author's website: http://www.lolot.lv


Client's name: Reaton LTD