LDS Award 2019


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Riga, Latvia, 19th – 20th October 2019

Organiser: Latvian Designers’ Society


A hollow container, especially one used to hold liquid, such as a bowl or cask

Design competition/exhibition
It is a lot easier to find novel and original design solutions in new areas where there are still many unexplored possibilities compared to traditional product design.

Our everyday lives are unthinkable without the ecosystem of traditional design objects, many kinds of storage vessels included. The manufacture of vessels has a long and tradition-rich history. In the beginning, vessels were made by craftsmen. Later on, the manufacture of vessels of different kinds and materials was taken over by industrial companies and it became a branch of design.

Nowadays it’s important to bring innovation to tradition, combine the old folk craft traditions with modern design thinking, find original technological solutions for the use of different materials and achieve new aesthetic and functional goals.

Even though the three Baltic states share a lot of history there are a lot of differences in terms of traditions and approaches to design. This makes it important to compare the achievements of designers from the three different countries and help us improve by learning from each other.

Competition rules
The Baltic design competition/exhibition is organised by the Latvian Designers’ Society.
Curator of the exhibition:
Dace Blūma
All individual designers regardless of their age as well as any design studios/manufacturers are welcome to take part in the Baltic design competition/exhibition VESSELS. A single entrant (individual designer or design studio/manufacturer) can submit up to three pieces of work (a dinner set or any other set of objects is considered a single piece).
The design can be created in any material. The vessel can be intended for any type of content. It must have been created between 2016 and 2019. It can be design prototype or a ass-produced item.
Size restrictions
● If the entry (object or set of objects) is free standing, it can’t be larger than 50cm wide, 50cm deep and 100cm high
● If the entry is to be wall mounted it can’t be larger than 40cm x 40cm
Entering the competition
Any individual designers and design studios/manufacturers can enter the Baltic design competition/exhibition VESSELS by submitting an online application
The application has to include 3 high quality print ready .jpg file format photos of the entry (the photo should be formatted at a ratio of 4:3, the shorter side being no less than 2000px and the longer side being no more than 6000px) or promotional materials that show the object from multiple angles, ideally on a neutral background (black, grey or white). The photos will be used in the competition catalogue.
Applications must be submitted by 1th September 2019
Applications received after the 1th of September will not be eligible.
Judging and provision of design objects
The jury will select participants of the Baltic design competition/exhibition VESSELS based on the submitted applications and photos. The results will be announced by 20th September 2019. The selected works will have to be sent in according to instructions sent to the authors of the selected works.
The Baltic design competition/exhibition VESSELS will be located at the “Design Isle 2019” exhibition at the BT1 exhibition hall in Kipsala, Kipsala street 8, Riga, Latvia from 18th October 2019 to 20th October 2019.
Entry fee
More information about the entry fee will be available when submitting the online application.
Judging criteria
The jury will carry out the judging in two parts
Part one: The works will be selected based on the information provided in the online application using the following criteria:
● Appropriateness to the theme and rules of the competition
● How appropriate the choice of material is to the function of the object
● The functionality of the vessel
● How innovative the nature of the shape and/or function of the vessel is
● The aesthetic value of the vessel
● The ease of mass production of the design
Part two: The works will be judged in person during the exhibition based on the following:
● The criteria of part one
● The quality of the craftsmanship of the physical object
Reasons to enter
The best entry will be given a Best in Show award and there will be multiple special awards and recognitions. In addition to this, participants will also benefit from the following:
The selected works will be shown as part of the Latvian Designers Society’s design street exhibition at “Design Isle 2019” at the BT1 exhibition hall in Kipsala, Kipsala street 8, Riga, Latvia from 18th October 2019 to 20th October 2019.
All of the works selected for the exhibition will be included in the exhibition catalogue. Every author will receive a copy of the catalogue as well as a certificate of participation in the exhibition.
The organisers will promote the participants in design media, online resources and social networks.
Use of personal information
By submitting their application the entrants agree to the use of the submitted photos and information by the organisers for publicity in media as well as in the exhibition catalogue.
Contact information
Dace Blūma
Competition exhibition’s curator
+371 29643506